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Guru Turiya answers Sadhguru in an open letter: Do you really exist??

"If you look up in the sky during the day, you see the sun. That becomes the most dominant in your experience. In the night if you look up, the stars become very dominant in your experience. But both the sun and the stars look puny when compared to the immense vastness of the sky. True existence can be likened to the vastness of the sky. The sun, the stars, you and me are all just small happenings. Today, science is telling you that even the sun has a lifespan. Eventually, it will burn itself out. So whatever you see as physical existence is just a small happening. The true existence is the vastness, the emptiness that is there, the space. What you call a person is just like a bubble. This bubble doesn’t have a substance of its own. When the bubble bursts, the substance that is inside the bubble, where is it? The air has reclaimed it; the atmosphere has reclaimed it. Similarly, a bubble is formed of an etheric body, pranic body, mental body and physical body. The physical body we …

Don't buy YOGA

Don’t buy YOGA do YOGA
Dear seekers – of well-being, prosperity, wisdom, and spirituality. O Seekers of joy, happiness, peace, and salvation, please – don’t simply buy Yoga – DO YOGA. Wake up against the commercialization   of YOGA. Stop selling and buying YOGA – as if it were a packet of junk food.
Let me warn you – Yoga is not a product to be sold on the nook and corner of the city streets and parks and gymnasiums. The one who sells it is outfoxing the buyer. He is simply making a fool of the unsuspecting fellow. Remember; whenever you buy yoga as if it were a packaged commodity ready for your consumption; be advised that it most certainly is a ROTTEN FOOD – it will only harm you, in way you can never imagine. Do remember that these are not the days where you can go into the forest and find the loving embrace of a Great GURU, who will cure you of your maladies.
Besides, stop selling and buying YOGA ASANAS - as YOGA. They are too very different things, which can never be compared; abo…

Finding God is as easy as finding your Home

Yes....! Finding God is as easy as finding your Home. You simply know they are both out there, waiting eternally for you – awaiting your arrival. You simply have to walk towards them and enter, only to find the comfort you otherwise deserve.  
But finding your Home and finding God can equally become a very daunting task – if you believe that they exist, you most certainly, will find them everywhere, paradoxically, you will never be able to find it even after you have found it physically.
Ask your front door, whether it is your home, if it is not then throw it away. Is your bedroom, kitchen or the drawing room your home? Then ask whether the walls, furniture, and every other thing that is present in your house, your home? If they are not, then bring them down and discard them. WHERE IS YOUR HOME THEN? IT’S NOWHERE AND YET YOU FIND YOUR HOME DAILY, DON’T YOU? If you so believe Home is EVERYWHERE and NOWHERE – and that IS EXACTLY the case with GOD too. BOTH CAN BE FOUND IF YOU STOP SEARCH…


Guru Turiya’s10 simple question will prove that you are God . . .
Yes! You are God. I can provide you with the necessary tools required for your investigation and if you are willing to engage your able mind in deep contemplation, perhaps you will find the source of all the truth, the source of your existence, your true self. I don’t want you to agree with me. I only want you to question. I only want you to sincerely seek the truth and find the answer the way I found it myself. Please try to engage yourself in deep thoughtful analysis as we proceed. Go through the questionnaire as if, ‘GURU TURIYA’ is asking you the questions himself.  And answer them as if you are answering him – face to face. Guru Turiya’s 10 questions
1) What are you, a male or a female? (Why did I choose “WHAT” instead of a “WHO”???? ask me later)
2) How old are you? (. . . are you sure? What if I tell you : “you are wrong” – How??? ask me later)
3) Are you, you, now? Do you believe that you are the person living in th…

Guru Turiya

Guru Turiya is an Indian Author of the new book, "The Wives Of Unmarried Men." He is a mystic, a Yogi living in the Mountain ranges of the Great Himalayas in India. A loving Guru to a very few chosen disciples. His spiritual journey began from ‘The Great Mount of Girnar,’ in the culturally rich state of Gujarat in India, where he had lived a good part of his early childhood under the guidance of many great YOGIS and GURUS. 
It is here, that he met with his first spiritual Guru, who installed in him a great urge to seek the Divine Within. His mother is believed to be a Great Healer of good repute and an extremely pious woman. It is with her blessings and the blessing of many Sages, with whom Guru Turiya had a chance to spend his childhood that he set out following his Guru’s footsteps to embrace a life full of Devotion and Dhyana (deep contemplation).
It is only after years of pleading, by his devoted disciples, that he has agreed to publish some of his works, which are just f…